Transitional Senior Pastor (TSP) Ministry

Poimen Ministries has been involved in numerous pastoral transitions. A few of these transitions have been for purposeful reasons, and others of them have been for sad or tragic reasons. In any case, it’s always a challenging situation, an opportunity to see our Good Pastor do His great work.

When Poimen Ministries is involved with a complete transitioning of a church, we use the title Transitional Senior Pastor to describe this role. For us, the title means two things: first, when we come into a church that is without a pastor, we become their next senior pastor. We assume all the duties that senior pastor implies, including the Presidency of the corporation. The second thing the title Transitional Senior Pastor (TSP) implies is that our role is indeed transitional. We are not permanent, nor are we interim. We are transitional senior pastors, bridging the gap between the former pastor and the next one. We work on anything that needs fixing in the church, we pastor people that are hurting (true in cases of death or moral failure), we set the table and ready the church for its next pastor, and we help to prepare the next pastor for his new church. We listen to the Lord and help to identify, along with key church leadership, who that next pastor will be. All of this takes place as we carry on the normal duties of teaching, preaching, leading, and discipling.

Our ministry as a TSP is necessary only because the church does not have an effective someone ready to assume its oversight. Oftentimes, there is no transition plan in place. The result is that the church elders or board are in a quandary. They may try to navigate the rough waters of pastoral transition themselves, but this is statistically the least effective means of pastoral transition. In fact, it is common for church splits to occur because of a botched process, or due to selfishly ambitious and self-appointed “candidates” who vie for the vacant position.

If the church has a transition plan in place (assuming it’s a good plan), or if the church has prepared or identified a successor in the event something should happen with the current pastor, the need for a Transitional Senior Pastor is eliminated. Ideally, all churches will prepare for the loss of its pastor, for whatever reason. So ideally, a TSP will not be needed.

But if there is no transition plan in place and a church is without a pastor, we strongly recommend that the church leadership contact us to learn how we might serve you in a transitional senior pastor role.

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By Pastor:
Aug 25, 2015

Transitional Senior Pastor

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