Post Transitional Support

When a church receives a new pastor, the pastor and church are thrust into a new phase of adjustments. If the incoming pastor is a seasoned minister, it’s easier. If he’s in his first pastorate, it can be more challenging.

Regardless of the scenario, one thing is certain: there will be changes.

How can the pastor navigate the sometimes rough waters of change? How can the church be prepared and grow strong when all of a sudden it’s not like it used to be?

Poimen Ministries pastors can help, and will provide ongoing support and encouragement to the pastor, and at his request, to the congregation. We want to see the church do well, and thrive. That’s our passion.

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By Pastor: Bill Holdridge
Aug 25, 2015

A brief description and explanation by Poimen Ministries Director Bill Holdridge: to the TSP Role.pdf