Pastoral support

Pastors need a friend, a trusted confidant, an encourager, a brother. Sometimes pastors just need help.

Poimen Ministries exists to help pastors, to support pastors. Our strong conviction is that if the pastor is healthy and strong, the church will be very positively affected. Because we love the church, and believe that the church is the pillar and ground of the truth ... the most important institution on earth, we should support her pastors. 

So that's what we do; we support pastors ... in any way that a pastor needs it.

Focus areas help you identify which of our pastors may be best for your particular needs. The pastors listed below have said that they are available to provide this particular service. To contact them directly, click on their photo to view their profile and click on the "contact this pastor" button.

Star, Idaho (near Boise)
Jacksonville Beach, FL