Pastoral Mentoring

When we mentor a pastor, we're not claiming to be experts, but rather pastors with perspective which comes from experience. Each of our Poimen pastors have 30+ years of pastoral experience, which means we've learned a lot over many years. Many times, we've learned from our mistakes. It can be helpful to share those mistakes with men who are currently in the trenches.

In other words, Poimen pastors don't claim to have all the answers or claim to have done everything right in their own ministries, but we do value the lessons we've learned from failures, successes, and even from unmet expectations.

Wisdom is more important than knowledge, if it's all by itself.

A good mentor has gifts and develops skills for listening, encouraging, clarifying, and affirming others they coach, advise, teach, or train.

We try to be that kind of mentor for men that would like that kind of help.

That's because Poimen Ministries is pastors helping pastors.