Pastoral transition

There are situations in which a pastor needs to step down from his ministry, or perhaps decides to transition the church to new leadership. The net result is that the church has no pastor. 

Ideally, the church will have had a transition plan in place. But when there is no transition plan in place, the church needs help. It needs help to stabilize the church, it needs Spirit-directed leadership to oversee the ministries and outreaches of the church, and it needs help to identify and call their next pastor.

Poimen Ministries has provided a TSP (Transitional Senior Pastor) for a number of churches. To date, each transition has been a successful one. When a Poimen Ministries pastor assumes the oversight of a church as its TSP, he operates from years of experience as a senior pastor himself, and depends wholly upon the Holy Spirit and the safety of the counsel of the other Poimen Ministries to get the job done. 

See the following articles for more information on the ministry of the Transitional Senior Pastor: Need a TSP.pdf to the TSP Role.pdf

Focus areas help you identify which of our pastors may be best for your particular needs. The pastors listed below have said that they are available to provide this particular service. To contact them directly, click on their photo to view their profile and click on the "contact this pastor" button.