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Church Ministry Assessments

Whether large or small, new or used, in what way would your church benefit or what value would a church or pastoral assessment have for any fellowship of believers? Read more

Pastoral Coaching

A sports coach strives to help the athlete get the most out of his ability, and to get better in his sport. Read more

Pastoral Mentoring

When a pastor contacts Poimen Ministries because he's interested in learning and growing in his ministry, that's when we jump in to help "mentor" that pastor. Read more

Pastoral Support and Encouragement

Who does a busy senior pastor talk to? Whom can he trust? Where can he find objective help, another set of eyes on himself and the ministry? Read more

Pastoral Transitions

When a pastor steps aside from his church, it can be for good reasons or sometimes for unfortunate ones. In either case, the church will be without a pastor, and will need to find out who the Lord has in mind to assume that role in the future. Therefore a transition process is needed … a process that moves the church from what it has been to what it will be. Read more

Post Transitional Support

When a church receives a new pastor, the pastor and church are thrust into a new phase of adjustments. If the incoming pastor is a seasoned minister, it’s easier. If he’s in his first pastorate, it can be more challenging. Read more

Transitional Senior Pastor (TSP) Ministry

Poimen Ministries has been involved in numerous pastoral transitions. A few of these transitions have been for purposeful reasons, and others of them have been for sad or tragic reasons. In any case, it’s always a challenging situation, an opportunity to see our Good Pastor do His great work. Read more

Blog posts

By Pastor: Trip Kimball
Feb 01, 2018

Making things simple isn’t the same as reducing a thought or truth to a simplistic point. Oversimplification of a truth makes it shallow. As Albert Einstein said, “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.” He also said,...

By Pastor: Trip Kimball
Jan 21, 2018

I came to faith while reading the Bible. I was challenged to follow Jesus while reading Matt 7:13-14. I realized I’d been traveling through the wide gate on the easy road that leads to destruction.

Sitting in the...

By Pastor: Bill Holdridge
Sep 01, 2017

This is a stimulating and helpful article for pastors, written by Brian Dodd.